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BSE Circular making mandatory filing prescribed documents online:

In continuation of  its earlier circular no. DCS/COMP/20/2015-16 dated 30 November, 2015, the Bombay Stock Exchange of India Limited (BSE) on Friday, 11 March, 2016, has came out with a Circular No. DCS/COMP/33/2015-16; BSE had provided the Listing Centre ( as the “Electronic Platform” for filing all compliances and submissions to be made by the Listed Entities.

It may be noted that BSE has made available the ‘Listing Centre’, an online web portal to all listed entities for filing their various compliances / submissions with the Exchange. ‘Listing Centre’ provides a single point resource for filing compliances /submissions and tracking past filings as well. It also provides an instant confirmation of the filings done by the Listed Entities.

As stated in the regulation 10  of the SEBI (Listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, the following mentioned Regulations of the SEBI (Listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 shall be accepted only through the Listing Centre:-

  1. Compliance Certificate by Share Transfer Agent – Regulation 7(3)
  2. Statement of Investor Complaints – Regulation 13(3)
  3. Corporate Governance – Regulation 27 (only in XBRL mode)
  4. Notice for Board Meeting – Regulation 29
  5. Outcome of Board Meeting – Regulation 30
  6. Shareholding Pattern – Regulation 31 (only in XBRL mode)
  7. Financial Results – Regulation 33
  8. Annual Report – Regulation 34
  9. Compliance Certificate – Regulation 40(9)
  10. Notice for Record Date – Regulation 42
  11. Voting Result – Regulation 44
  12. Disclosures under SAST and PIT Regulations (Submissions by company)
  13. Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report – Regulation 55A (Depositories and Participants Regulations, 1996)

BSE has stated that the above E-filling on Listing Centre has been made mandatory effective from 21st March, 2016; and hence BSE shall not accept any physical documents filed/submitted from 21st March, 2016 through email,/FAX/hand delivery/post /courier, etc. Listed Entities not having the user credentials for the Listing Centre may acquire the same by writing an email to Any filing by corporate on the above matter which are not in accordance with the above circular, will be treated as non-compliance.

The said circular can be accessed at the following link: BSE-Circular No. DCS_COMP_33_2015-16_ Reg 10 of LODR_11.03.2016

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