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Uniform Format of Listing Agreement

SEBI on Tuesday, the 14th of October, 2015 issued a circular specifying a simplified listing agreement which shall be uniform across all types of securities/listed entities.
Company specific details are required to be submitted alongwith the listing agreement in the required format. Further, companies would be required to submit any changes in the company specific details as and when they occur.
Further it is also stated that an entity seeking listing with respect to initial issuance of capital under different regulations is also required to execute a listing agreement with the Stock Exchange
Existing listed entities are required to execute a fresh listing agreement with the Stock Exchange within six months of the date of notification of the New Listing Regulations. i.e. 6 months from 02/09/2015, which is on or before 02/02/2016.
The said SEBI Circular can be accessed at the following link: SEBI Circular on Uniform Listing agreement

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