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ICSI Notice dt. 09.09.2016 – Enhancement in area of working for Practicing Company Secretary: Conducting Third Party Certification Audits

Labour Department, Government of Haryana vide its Notification dt. 10.08.2016 formulated Third Party Certification/Audit Scheme in pursuance of ‘Business Reform Action Plan 2016-Ease of Doing Business’ for factories, shops & commercial establishments in the State and has authorized Practicing Company Secretaries (not been an employee or on regular pay role or a consultant of the unit for last 3 years) as “Compliance Auditor” to conduct such audit with respect to compliance of various labour laws.

Also, the units which regularly on annual basis submit Third Party Certification shall not be inspected through random list of inspections.

The said notice of ICSI can be accessed from the following link. icsi_09-09-2016-pcs_third-party-certification

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