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MCA vide Corrigendum dated 21.06.2018 has made correction to the Commencement Notification of Companies Amendment Act, 2017 dated 13.06.2018.

MCA vide Corrigendum on Thursday, June 21, 2018 made correction to the Commencement Notification  of Companies Amendment Act, 2017  dated 13.06.2018, wherein in the table For “Section 22” read as “Clause (iii) of Section 21 and Section 22”.Thus as per this Corrigendum, Clause (iii) of Section 21 shall come into force along with Section 22 with effect from 13.06.2018.

The said Corrigendum can be accessed through the following link:MCACorrigendum_dt.21.6.18-Commencemnt Notf.of the Cos.Amend Act,2017

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