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NSE Circular making mandatory filing prescribed documents online:

In continuation of its earlier circular no. NSE/CML/2015/23 dated 28 December, 2015, the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) on Thursday 21, January, 2016, has came out with a Circular No. NSE/CML/2016/3; by which NSE has announced launching of the following E-filing modules on NEAPS, thereby widening the scope of E-filling by corporate listed on NSE:

1) Corporate Governance

2) Shareholding Pattern

3) Financial Results

4) Regulation 13 – Investor Grievance

5) Regulation 7 – Share Transfer Agent

6) Regulation 40(10) Certificate w.r.t. Share Transfer

7) Reconciliation of share capital audit

8) Annual Report

NSE has stated that the above E-filling on NEAPS has been made mandatory effective from 29th January, 2016; and hence NSE shall not accept any physical documents filed/submitted from 29th January, 2016 through email,/FAX/letter, etc. Any filing by corporate on the above matter which are not in accordance with the above circular, will be treated as non-compliance. The said circular can be accessed at the following link:NSE_Circular No. NSE_CML_2016_3 dt 21.01.16-filing disclosure on electronic platform

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